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BEST SPOTS: Inexpensive Dates

BEST SPOTS: Inexpensive Dates

NORTHWEST METRO – For this week’s installment of Best Spots, we’ve compiled a list of Inexpensive Date Spots for you to take your special someone.

In today’s economy, it’s important to find companionship which, in our opinion, is the cheapest form of entertainment. However, it’s the springtime, and people like to get out every now and then. So, check out these suggestions for fun under $15.

If you have an office crush, we have the place for you. Local lunch favorite, Brandi’s World Famous Hot Dogs serves up, according to some, one of the best dogs in town. This humble, hot dog restaurant is known for its Iced Tea and famous Chili Slaw Dog served on a perfectly steamed bun. Everything in this restaurant is under $9. So, both, your date and your pockets will thank you.

Black bear spotted in West Cobb

Black bear spotted in West Cobb

MARIETTA, Ga. -- Cobb County police report that a black bear has been seen in the area of Due West Road near the West Hampton subdivision.

The bear was caught on a trail camera while eating bird feed in the backyard of a local residence. Several photos were taken between 8:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Sunday, Mar. 27.

Although bear sightings are not common in West Cobb, they are occasionally seen during this time of year.

The easiest way to keep bears out of a yard is to take down bird feeders, bring in bowls of pet food and store garbage in a place that's inaccessible to bears, like a garage. Pets should also be brought inside at night.

In most cases, a bear simply moves on when a food source is no longer available, although it may take several days for them to realize this.

Capture and relocation is a last resort and only warranted if a bear becomes a consistent nuisance, presents a safety threat or does major damage to residential property.

Cobb & Douglas Public Health Officials Encourage Vigilance in Rabies Prevention

MARIETTA, GA -- In light of a recent confirmed case of rabies in the City of Marietta, Cobb & Douglas Public Health officials are encouraging individuals to take immediate steps to reduce contact with infected animals.

The case involved a stray kitten that came in contact with humans. The individuals who were exposed received medical attention.