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MARIETTA: Teachers question raises for Cobb Superintendent's staff | People

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MARIETTA: Teachers question raises for Cobb Superintendent's staff
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MARIETTA: Teachers question raises for Cobb Superintendent's staff

MARIETTA, Ga. -- It may end up saving money, but some still question the principle of the move.

That's the bottom line to some teacher complaints about pay raises for some Cobb County school administrators while teachers face even more furloughs.

Only two months into the job, new Cobb County School Superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa has won approval to raise the salaries of five members of his executive cabinet, some by as much as $19,000.

He justified the raises because those administrators will now have to perform more duties since he reduced the size of his cabinet from eight down to six.

"These individuals are taking on additional responsibilities and we've also reduced the overall cost in compensation by $80,000," school system spokesman Jay Dillon told 11Alive News on Thursday.

Cobb County teachers haven't had a raise since their pay was cut 2 percent in 2009.

They also had five furlough days last year and face two more this school year.

The Professional Association of Georgia Educators, which represents about 3,000 Cobb teachers, calls the raises a poor example of leadership, even if the net result saves money.

"You can tell teachers all day long 'we respect and honor you, we're glad you're doing more with less and we're gonna support you in any way we can' and then you go ahead and do something like this and it just undercuts that message completely," said PAGE membership director Tim Callahan.

Cobb County's school board unanimously approved the raises when Hinojosa announced the reorganization of his staff on September 14.

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