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11Alive visits Marietta Square

MARIETTA, Ga. -- The 11Alive News Today morning show traveled back to Cobb County Friday for a broadcast on the Marietta Square.

Hundreds of residents turned out to show off all the things that make their town great.

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The county seat of Cobb County is home to Dobbins Air Reserve Base, which brings enormous revenue and prestige to the city.
WATCH | Dobbins ARB on the Square

11 Things You Need to Know for Friday, July 26

(WXIA) -- It's finally Friday, and as you get ready for the weekend, use this list to be in the know on local and national headlines. 

1. Tim Hudson surgery

Braves Pitcher Tim Hudson came back to Atlanta with the team Thursday night, one night after his season-ending ankle injury during the Mets game in New York.

2. Eddie's Trick Shop 

Eddie's Trick Shop brings novelty to Marietta Square

MARIETTA, Ga. -- When you step into Eddie's Trick Shop, it's hard to keep a straight face.

"When I came here, I didn't really know magic," said assistant manager Walter Cain. "I picked up tricks as I went along."

Eddie's opened on the Marietta Square in the 1970's with row after row of tricks, costumes, party supplies and gag gifts.

"We're looking for anything that helps us mess with people," two teenage boys told 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie as they were shopping. "We're buying black blood capsules. You bite in, and it comes out your mouth."

Eddie's is a fun place, but the building also holds some history with its own secret door. 

"There was an Underground Railroad that used to run from the other side of the square under the store, and there's still a trap door where you can see part of it," Cain said. 

The Underground Railroad was used to help slaves escape during the 1800s.

Marietta apartment fire destroys 16 units

MARIETTA, Ga. -- About 31 people were displaced by a fire at a Marietta apartment complex Thursday afternoon.

The fire broke out at the Highland Trace Apartments off Franklin Road.

No injuries were reported. Officials said the building is comprised of about 16 units, most of which were completely destroyed.

There was no immediate word on the cause of the fire.

Jobless rate jumps in June

Jobless rate jumps in June

ATLANTA -- Metro Atlanta's unemployment rate rose to 8.9 in June.

In Cobb County, the unemployment rate was 8.0 percent.

The Georgia Department of Labor announced the new numbers early Thursday.

The 8.9 percent rate for June was up seven-tenths of a percent point from May's 8.2 percent. It's still under the 9.3 percent rate in June a year ago.

The labor department said the rate increased primarily because of two seasonal factors: large numbers of education workers are unemployed during the summer and new graduates are considered unemployed until they find jobs.

Metro Athens had Georgia's lowest area jobless rate at 7.2 percent, while the Heart of Georgia-Altamaha region had the highest at 12.9 percent.

11 Things You Need to Know on Thursday, July 25

(WXIA) -- There's quite a bit of news to talk about today. Here are the top local and national stories for Thursday, July 18.

1. Tim Hudson out

Tim Hudson had to be carted off the field Wednesday when he suffered a leg injury that can only be described as hard to watch.

2. Intern early

There's a push in Georgia education to get high school students to learn more about future career interests by doing internships.

Cobb School Board approves $3 million digital math education

Cobb School Board approves $3 million digital math education

MARIETTA, Ga. -- With only two weeks to go before 107,000 students return to Cobb County schools, a big question remains: if the county goes digital in teaching math, will there be enough money to make it work and bring up test scores?

The answer came after more than an hour of debating as the Cobb Board of Education voted 4-3 to approve a $3 million jump into the digital age of mathematics education.

But it fell far short of an $8 million proposal that the board voted down in April. That deal included printed text books in addition to digital content. 

The deal that passed on Wednesday only involves printed texts for advanced courses. The rest of the math teaching experience will be digital.

Despite the okay to go ahead with this latest deal, parents were outraged that cutting the teaching and learning materials in less than half will affect the learning experience.