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More volunteers needed for Cancer Prevention Study 3

NORCROSS, Ga. -- The American Cancer Society needs another 1,500 people to in metro Atlanta to volunteer for Cancer Prevention Study 3 to reach a goal of 5,000 by next week.

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"I just thought it's great cause, a great thing to do," said Odette Talbert, who enrolled at the Robert D. Fowler Family YMCA in Norcross.

Talbert said she was motivated by her family history.

"My grandmother had cancer of the esophagus, and my brother had colon and rectal cancer," she told 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie

Collapsing Marietta hillside crushes storm culvert

MARIETTA -- 11Alive viewer Miles Welch enjoys gazing off his back porch in to serene woods behind his Marietta apartment. But two weeks ago, the view was anything but serene.

After days of heavy rain, miles noticed a collapsing hillside had damaged a vital storm culvert and was threatening the roadway above. He contacted 11Alive and we quickly contacted the City of Marietta's Director of Public Works.

Crews responded quickly to replace the culvert and secure the hill. Now, Miles peaceful view has been restored.

Hail Mary Monday for the Autism Bill

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Melissa Solares holds her 14-month-old sleeping daughter, rocking back and forth, as she explains to the lawmaker she has stopped in the hallway, that the autism insurance bill has the support of the Surgeon General.

It's Hail Mary Monday at the capitol.

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"Yeah. This is it. Yeah." Anna Bullard knows it is no longer a fight to get the autism insurance bill to a vote. That fight is over. The fight now is to simply get a hearing before it goes to the insurance mandate commission, where it will sit until next year.

Of the three bills going to the commission, the autism bill is the only one not to get a hearing.

Bullard says, "I've voted republican my whole life."

The lawmakers not supporting the bill are people for whom Anna Bullard voted.

Tech firm brings 200 new jobs to Cobb County

MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) - Global technology firm Infosys plans to add about 200 new jobs to its office site in Atlanta's northwest suburbs.

The consulting and technology company announced Monday that it will add the jobs during the next fiscal year at an office park in the Cobb Galleria area near Interstates 75 and 285 in Cobb County.

The company said in a statement that it expects additional expansion in the metro Atlanta area over the next couple of years.

For more information, visit the company's website at http://www.infosysbpo.com/careers/.

American Family Insurance Top 5 Performances

ATLANTA -- It's Championship Week for high school basketball in Georgia.  This week's American Family Insurance Top 5 Performances come from the semifinal round of the state tournament.

We start with Number 5 from the Soutwest Atlanta Christian vs Holy Innocents girls.  Marquita Daniel scored her team's first 12 points as the Warriors advance 78-43.

Number 4 comes from St. Francis vs Aquinas boys.  McKenley Brown with the running one hander for the Knights as they move on to the final 61-56.

Number 3 is from Greenforest Christian vs Athens Christian Boys.  Tosin Mehinti showing some body control and 1!  Greenforest on to the finals 60-55.

Number 2 is from Norcross vs Langston Hughes girls.  It's Bri Williams with the take away and the pass to Diamond DeShields for the layup.  Norcross rolls into the finals 64-16.

New ad valorem title tax now in effect

MARIETTA, GA -- March 1 was a busy day at tag offices around the state. Some locations actually were seeing twice the traffic they normally get.

The reason? The changes in paying the ad valorem title tax.

If you purchase a car starting March 1, either from a dealer or in a private sale, you'll need to pay the 6.5 percent title tax.

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"From here forward you will not pay the sales tax if you buy it from a dealer but you will pay the 6.5 percent ad valorem title tax," said Sharon Dorsey, Cobb County Tag Office director.

Bill to kick slow-pokes out of passing lane builds support

Everybody who drives has been there before: Stuck in the fast lane going slow because Captain Speed Limit and his pals simply refuse to get out of the way.
And while you're not supposed to go above the speed limit, it's also not your job to enforce it for everybody else trying to get by.
That's the job of your friendly state trooper. And if House Bill 459 passes, he won't just be looking for speeders. He'll be looking for slow-pokes passing time in the passing lane.
"It's aggravating," said Jeff Hilaire. "I don't have the patience for it. I'm very impatient when it comes to driving. I wish I didn't have to drive I wish I could fly."
At least Hilaire can fly past the slow traffic in his new Camaro. That is, until he runs up on those inconsiderate motorists who don't move out of the way.
"It's just one of the things I just learn to deal with," he said with a grumble.