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Cobb County neighbors help ambulance in ice storm

MARIETTA, Ga. -- Some Cobb County residents say they are amazed at the huge reaction they've been receiving from all over the world after they helped free an ambulance from the ice last week.

The ambulance was on a call, transporting a woman in a medical emergency, and could not get up the slippery hill -- until people who live nearby jumped in to help.

Residents of the Rosemont City View Apartments in Marietta did everything they could to free the ambulance.

"Everybody just started scraping the ground, clearing all the ice, pushing the ambulance," said one resident who helped, Sergio Ruelas.

It took nearly 90 minutes before the ambulance had enough traction to get up the hill with the woman inside who needed to get to the hospital.

Outrage over loud music trial verdict

ATLANTA -- Outrage continues two days after the verdict in the so called "loud music" trial over the weekend in Florida.

Marietta teen Jordan Davis was shot to death in Jacksonville last November.

Last Saturday, the jury could not reach a verdict on the first degree murder charge. 

The response on social media was enormous. "Justice for Jordan" was trending on Twitter, and thousands of people posted their thoughts on Facebook. Now people are calling for a retrial in the case. Jordan's best friend in Atlanta is one of them. 

"In the dove it says courage, the other one will say loyalty," said Davis Vanburen, Jordan Davis' best friend. 

 He just got a tattoo to remember his friend Jordan. 

"He told me to be brave. And to stay loyal to the ones you love the most," Vanburen said. 

He says the hung jury on the first degree murder charge isn't justice for his friend. 

3 convicted killers receive life without parole

3 convicted killers receive life without parole

COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- Three men were found guilty last week of shooting a victim to death and dumping his body in Cobb County.

Jurors deliberated five hours before convicting 27-year-old Harvey "Rucks" Hogans of New York, 32-year-old Derek Lee Kemp of Marietta and 31-year-old Alphonso "JRock" Watkins of Marietta of a number of charges.

The defendants were sentenced Monday to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Police believe Hogans pulled the trigger in this case. Kemp and Watkins both had prior felony convictions that required the life sentence.

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Prosecutors said that on July 1, 2011, the trio set up Derek George Gray Jr. for a robbery. The defendants then shot Gray in a Ford Taurus, which was later found burned in Union City, before discarding the body off Circle 75 Parkway.

Calls for Fla. state attorney to resign after Dunn verdict

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There are calls for Florida State Attorney Angela Corey to step down. She led the state's case against Michael Dunn, whose trial on first degree murder charges ended with a hung jury.

Dunn was accused in the shooting death of a Marietta teen - Jordan Davis - who would have celebrated his 19th birthday on Sunday.

The jury did convict Dunn late Saturday on three counts of attempted second degree murder and one count of shooting into an occupied vehicle.

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Jurors find Dunn guilty of four of five counts

JACKSONVILLE -- Thirty-one hours after deliberations over two days, a jury found Michael David Dunn guilty of four of five counts, but could not agree on first-degree murder.

Circuit Judge Russell Healey declared a mistrial on the first-degree murder count. The jury found him guilty of three counts of attempted second-degree murder and shooting a deadly missile.

Authorities investigate 'rolling meth lab' in Marietta

MARIETTA, Ga. -- Police said they were investigating what they called a mobile meth lab the size of a backpack in the area of Northwest Parkway and Franklin Road in Marietta Friday night.

Officers on patrol in that area at about 4:30 pm Friday, said they noticed someone they said looked suspicious. At the same time, a nearby business called 911, saying they noticed that same person tossing a backpack into some nearby bushes when police drove by.

Police circled back and took the man into custody. They got a real surprise when they retrieved the backpack.

"The suspect had what we determined was a sort of rolling meth lab," said Marietta Police Officer Dave Baldwin. "Where he had all the basic ingredients to make methamphetamine in his backpack and was carrying it on his person. Where he was going at this time, I don't know."

Police evacuated several nearby businesses, primarily as a precaution.

Jury recesses for night in shooting death of Fla. teen

JACKSONVILLE (USA TODAY) - Jurors reviewing the fate of a Florida man charged with killing a teen in a dispute over rap music have recessed for the night.