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Restored fountain returns to Marietta Square | News

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Restored fountain returns to Marietta Square
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Restored fountain returns to Marietta Square

MARIETTA, Ga. -- The famous fountain at the center of Glover Park on Marietta Square sprang back to life quicker than expected after a complete restoration.

The fountain was returned to the Square amid great fanfare on Wednesday, Mar. 23.

With the backdrop of Glover Park and downtown Marietta, the fountain has traditionally served as a popular place to take wedding and prom pictures, according to Marietta Parks and Recreation director Rich Buss.

But city crews discovered some problems with the Marietta landmark earlier this year.

"City staff were preparing the fountain for operation now that the weather has warmed and were cleaning the upper bowl when they noticed the fountain was rusting from the inside out and that one of the bowls had become unstable," Buss said. "The internal rusting also caused the exterior of the fountain to deteriorate and become discolored."

According to Buss, the rusting was not visible when the fountain was repainted last year.

Robinson Iron, the original manufacturer, took the fountain to Alabama to fully restore its parts on Feb. 22. This $7,500 restoration will ensure the safe use of the fountain for years to come.

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