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Dramatic video of officer shooting played in court | News

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Dramatic video of officer shooting played in court

MARIETTA, Ga -- A dramatic video played in a Cobb County court room brought a police officer's wife and others to tears. The video showed police Officer Charles Vill being shot five times as he approached a vehicle he stopped last February.

James Phillips, who had served two prison terms for possession of methamphetamine before the shooting, is on trial for shooting Officer Vill. The officer was emotional as he recounted his steps during the February 4, 2014 incident on Powers Ferry Road.

"I started to turn to the driver and say 'hey, man will you roll the window down," Ofc. Vill told the jury. "As soon as I said 'hey man,' boom, I got hit with the first shot."

The jury watched the video in court and so did Officer Vill's wife, who appeared to be in tears. It showed the shooting from the officer's dash camera in his patrol car. Another patrol car showed fellow officer and paramedics working on the officer, who was fighting for his life.

"I'm fighting back these feelings of, 'am I going to die, is this, you know, am I ever going to see my family again?" Officer Vill testified.

Phillips was arrested several hours after the shooting. He told arresting officers "I'm the one you're looking for, why didn't you shoot me?"

Phillips looked on in court as his attorneys questioned Officer Vill about his ability to identify the man who shot him in such an emotional and traumatic incident.

Officer Vill didn't hesitate when asked by District Attorney Vic Reynolds to point out the man who shot him. "That was the guy that I looked at in that mirror, that was those cold eyes that were staring back at me waiting to ambush me," he said.

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