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ACS Cancer Prevention Study: It's time to change a life | News

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ACS Cancer Prevention Study: It's time to change a life

ATLANTA -- 11Alive is joining the American Cancer Society in an initiative to recruit volunteers in honor of our loved ones and colleagues who have battled the disease.

It is our hope for our children's children to live in world free of cancer.

Did you know one-in-three women will get cancer in her lifetime? The odds are even greater for men, who have a one-in-two chance.

The statistics are alarming. Cancer impacts all of our lives, and for many of those diagnosed, they don't know why. Dr. Alpa Patel from the American Cancer Society is trying to change that. She is on the front lines of a historic effort to reverse the course of this deadly disease.

"We've seen, in fact, there have been recent reports in the last 20 or so years - a 20 percent decline in mortality rates from cancer," Patel said.

Gains have been made. Cancer prevention studies, commonly referred to as CPS have played a major role. In some cases, the disease is now treatable. But more research needs to be done.

So the opportunity for you to change a life is now.

"CPS 1 in the 1950's was one-million men and women from across the country; CPS 2 was 1.2 million and in CPS 3 we're aiming for 300,000 from across the country," Patel said.  

Of those 300,000 volunteers needed today for the next generational study, they're hoping for 5,000 from right her in metro Atlanta. Dr. Patel calls the study "The Gift of Life" for the future generations. 

"You can do this to improve what we know about the causes of cancer for our children, and our children's children," Patel said. "It's this generation paying it forward to the next, just like the last generation paid it forward for us."

Anyone between age 30-65 years old can volunteer, who has never been diagnosed with cancer.

To volunteer, make an appointment at a YMCA, March 1 - March 15.

There are four steps: Fill out a consent form and survey, have your waist measured, give a small blood sample, and complete the survey every few years for 20 years.


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