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MARIETTA | Missing girl's father fears for her safety | News

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MARIETTA | Missing girl's father fears for her safety

MARIETTA, Ga -- After four long and grueling days, the parents of a missing 13-year-old Marietta girl fear for her safety.

The last time Yarely Vasquez talked to her parents, she told them she was going to Mexico with 25-year-old Felipe Martinez.

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In an interview with 11Alive News, the girl's parents said they fear for her safety while police conduct a nationwide search.

"Yes, I think she's in danger," said Angel Vasquez, Yarely's father.

For the past four days, Vasquez and his wife Sandra have been sitting by their phone, waiting for a call from their daughter.

Yarely's parents thought the teen left her Marietta apartment last Friday to catch the bus to school. But neighbors told a different story.

"They said no, they didn't see Yarely take the bus," Vasquez said.

Yarely never showed up at Marietta Middle School that day. Later that evening, she called her parents and told them she was with Felipe Martinez and they were going to Mexico.

Her parents believe that was a ruse because Felipe's cell phone was used near Tampa, Fla. the next day.

"It's possible Felipe said they would go to Mexico, but Felipe has a brother in Florida," Vasquez said.

Marietta Police said they have been working on that lead, but so far have come up empty. "There have been no reported sightings (in Florida) of her or him at this time," said Officer David Baldwin. "So we do not know for a fact if that's where they're at."

Vasquez, who is from Honduras, doesn't believe his daughter could get into Mexico. "Probably they had a plan to go to Mexico, but I think it's not easy because Yarely has no identification," he said.

Vasquez said he met Martinez seven months ago and he encouraged Martinez to go to church with his family. That's where Martinez met his daughter.

But there would be another encounter that would stun Yarely's parents.

Two months after they met, Vasquez said he saw Martinez in their apartment complex and noticed a tattoo on his left forearm. The tattoo was his daughter Yarely's name. Vasquez said he told Martinez never to see his daughter again.

Until last Friday, he thought Martinez followed his orders. And now he can't trust Martinez and wants his daughter to come home.

"I would tell her I love her so much and if it's possible, call me," he said. "Call me or call your mom or come back to the house."

"At this point we are concerned about [Yarely's] well-being, concerned about the type of care that's being given to her, and we do want her to come home safely," Officer Baldwin said.

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