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Doctor arrested for threatening code enforcement officer | Crime

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Doctor arrested for threatening code enforcement officer
Doctor arrested for threatening code enforcement officer

ROSWELL, Ga. -- A chiropractor was arrested for making terroristic threats against a Roswell code enforcement officer.

Dr. Michael Palmieri, 50, of Marietta turned himself in to Roswell police Tuesday.

Investigators said the incident happened on May 27 after Palmieri received a notice on the door of his business.

The warning was for a late business tax fee. Roswell police later added that the notice was left for a physician who no longer practiced in the office.

Palmieri went to Roswell City Hall to speak with the officer who left the notice, but he was not working that day, according to Vicki Barclay with the Office of Code Enforcement. The doctor told a city staff member that he would "come down here and put his head through the wall" if the officer left any more notices on his door, police said.

Palmieri faces a charge of terroristic threats, which is a felony in Georgia.

Palmieri contacted 11Alive News Thursday to share his side of the story.  He shared the following statement in an email to 11Alive News:

"It was another doctor's delinquent tax warning that was not at this office," Palmieri said in an email to 11Alive News. "The code officer put the notice over my front office window, right over my name. How does someone miss that?"

"He then tapes it to my window with neon orange tape," Palmieri continued. "A logical approach would have been to hold off putting the warning up until you call the office, send a letter, stop in and ask, before sticking this on someone's business."

"What really annoyed me was I called the code office multiple times with no return call," Palmieri said.  "I finally decided to go there on Friday afternoon, because I was afraid if I didn't get it resolved, I would come to work Monday and find a padlock on my door, or another warning."

"When I got to the code office they asked who I was.  I said 'Dr. Palmieri.' One of them said 'Oh, your the one who left the messages.'" Palmieri said.

"That's why I became irate," Palmieri said.  "They knew I had called multiple times.  They knew I was upset at what they did, yet didn't have the decency to return my call or apologize.

"It was just an 'oh well' kind of attitude," Palmieri said.

"I think even the most calm of individual would get angry at this incompetence," Palmieri said.

"And to this date, no one from the city of Roswell has apologized for this, although I have apologized to both people involved," Palmieri said.

"So, my reputation is damaged.  I have to hire an attorney.  I have to miss work to go to court for what something that never should have happened," Palmieri said.


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