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Diamond necklace stolen from cancer charity | Crime

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Diamond necklace stolen from cancer charity
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Diamond necklace stolen from cancer charity

MARIETTA, Ga. (WXIA) -- On Monday morning, when a Marietta cancer charity opened its doors after a weekend fundraiser, the staff discovered the diamond necklace used to raise money had been stolen.

Stealing from Loving Arms Cancer Outreach doesn't only shortchange the staff here. It takes from those fighting for survival.

"We raise money to help the cancer patients," said director Shay Trayler.

Trayler was checking in on things between fundraisers at the office when she noticed something strange.

"When I came in on Saturday, this door was closed and locked," she said.

Once she looked inside, Trayler saw their safe had been cracked open and its contents taken.

"We opened the door and oh my God, stuff was everywhere," she said.

Financial records were missing.

"We had to call and have everything closed, frozen," she said.

So was the contents of a jewelry box. It held a diamond necklace that the organization hoped would generate thousands of dollars.

"We auctioned it off at one of our events. The lady that won, she brought it back and donated it to us last week," Traylor said.

The front door of the center appeared normal, aside from some scrapes inside. Marietta Police have been contacted, but the nonprofit staff is left scratching their heads at who would steal from a charity.

"You work hard for something and somebody just takes it away from you. And it's not just from me. It's from the cancer patients," Traylor said.

If you'd like to help the charity, visit: http://lovingarmscanceroutreach.com/

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