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Mom who killed man with minivan questioned by police | Crime

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Mom who killed man with minivan questioned by police
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Mom who killed man with minivan questioned by police

MARIETTA, Ga.-- Marietta Police are still working to determine what happened in the moments before an 18-year-old driver jumped the curb and crashed into an elderly man out for a walk.

Marietta Police say they're still trying to determine who was at fault. They've been interviewing witnesses, including the children who were inside the minivan at the time of the crash.

"There's a lot of possibilities. The roads were wet. It was raining at the time. We don't know if it was a distracted driver. If there was a malfunction with the vehicle. If the driver just lost control or was distracted by a child. We just don't know yet," Marietta Police spokesman David Baldwin told 11Alive's Donna Lowry.

So far, their investigation shows 18-year-old Ashlin Mitchell was driving a Chrysler mini van on Franklin road Sunday. Around 4:30 pm, the van went off the road. Mitchell struck 78-year-old Joe Lewis Burns while he was walking.

The van plowed through a chain-link fence, continued down an embankment, and hit a tree before stopping.

Two children were in the van, including her toddler. No one was hurt. Police say no witnesses have come forward, so they're re-interviewing Mitchell and the children.

They'll use the information they gather to determine what charges they might bring against her.

"They could range from vehicular manslaughter to whatever the other offenses during the accident could have occurred," Baldwin said.

The victim, Joe Burns, was simply getting out for some fresh air, when he was struck and killed.

"From what we understand, he was just out for a walk. It had been raining the better part of the day and sounds like he just decided to take a chance, a break in the rain and went for a walk," Baldwin said.

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