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Community support floods Loving Arms after robbery | Community Spirit

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Community support floods Loving Arms after robbery
Community support floods Loving Arms after robbery

MARIETTA, GA (WXIA) -- For Loving Arms Cancer Outreach Center, the robbery was a devastating blow, but the community has been quick to respond.

It started a few days ago when Home Depot replaced the Loving Arms safe with one that was double the size and doubly secure. Now it's gone a lot further -- with a $5,000 check and $500 more from private donors.

Then, a necklace from another donor to replace the one that was stolen. It will auctioned off to raise money for the Center.

The Cumberland Diamond Exchange has stepped up with diamond and ruby earrings, while the Cobb County Realtors have planned a golf tournament.

And today, all dressed in lavender to pay tribute to cancer patients, Loving Arms hosted its quarterly bake sale. They raised more than $2,000, but this time the event took on a special meaning.

"We were the ones always taking care of the community but once the community found out what happened to us, they've been taking care of us and it has been simply amazing," said Shay Traylor, President of Loving Arms.

Community support just keeps coming in. A new, free security system with all the monthly payments paid for, is being put in place.

For cancer survivors like Geannine Mauldin, Loving Arms has been a life saver.

"They helped me during my treatment and help pay some bills and the stress relief that gave me and my family was a blessing," she said.

And the blessing has ironically evolved from, of all things, a robbery.

For more information and how to get involved with Loving Arms, visit their website at http://www.lovingarms.support.

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