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Marietta Police Launch Holiday Crime Prevention Program | Crime

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Marietta Police Launch Holiday Crime Prevention Program

MARIETTA, GA -- By all measures, crime in Marietta remains low. Nevertheless, any amount is unacceptable, and police and citizens need to work together to prevent all potential crime.

The holiday season -- a time when there is sometimes an uptick in crime against shoppers and the business community -- has begun. It's time for Marietta police and citizens to step up collaborative action against crime to keep the city as safe as it can be.

Effective immediately, the Marietta Police Department is launching a comprehensive holiday season crime prevention program that features:

* Enhanced police visibility in shopping areas, business zones and banks
* Deployment of overt and covert surveillance vehicles and devices (SkyWatch, T3 Mobility, police cars)
* Random saturation patrols of neighborhoods
* Rapid dissemination of crime prevention information and alerts to the public

In addition to accelerated police activity, the Marietta Police Department is asking community members to help.

If you see suspicious activities or persons, no matter how trivial, call 911.

If an activity or person raises your suspicion, your police department wants to respond and check it out -- they will do so courteously and promptly, and will apologize for the inconvenience of a suspicious person who turns out to be legitimate.

When parking anywhere, don't forget to hide all valuables, lock your car and take your keys.

Concerns can be relayed to the Marietta Police Department at 770-794-5300 (business number) or 770-794-6990 (confidential tip line).

The Marietta Police Department and community working together can make the 2010 holiday season the safest one yet.

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