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Coping with Coyotes in Cobb County | News

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Coping with Coyotes in Cobb County

For some residents in Cobb County, coyotes are becoming a growing and recurring problem -- a problem animal control officials say they can't solve.

Marietta resident Stephanie Seibert says she spotted a coyote last Thursday approaching her two-year-old son, who was playing in the background. "It was a coyote coming up towards us," Seibert says, "and it was down in a hunting or stalking position."

For Seibert, seeing coyotes outside her home is a regular occurrence. This time, she said, the animal was trailing her child until her dog chased it away.

"My brother's brought out deer meat to lure them in," Seibert says. "He's going to shoot them."

Meanwhile, Cobb County animal officials are telling residents to co-exist with the coyotes.

Tom Flynn of Cobb County Animal Control says there are too many coyotes for the county to try to trap them all. He says they typically shy away from interacting with humans.

"Attacks by coyotes are exceedingly rare," Flynn says. "Most areas and most communities in the county have creeks, and they are little wildlife highways."

There lies the tension. Metro Atlanta has expanded so quickly that its residents suddenly find themselves dealing with the animals that were here ahead of so many of the sub-divisions, main drags, and communities.

Nobody's at fault necessarily, but nobody's got a perfect solution either.


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